04/20 - 10/20 -- Entrepreneur in Residence, Petri Bio

10/20 -               Group Leader, Francis Crick Institute


8/09-5/13: Haverford College, B.Sc in Physics (GPA:3.94/4)

                 Advisor: Peter Love

9/11-7/12: Fitzwilliam College, University of Cambridge

               Year Abroad, Part III Mathematics/Part II Physics

               Advisor: Nilanjana Datta

9/13-8/14: Churchill College, University of Cambridge

                M.Phil in Engineering

                Advisor: Daniel Wolpert

9/14-5/19: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

                     Ph.D. in Physics.

                     Advisor: Edward Boyden


3/20: Hertz Foundation 2020 Thesis Prize

11/19: STAT Wunderkind

10/19: Newman Entrepreneurship Award

4/15: NSF Graduate research fellowship

5/13: Graduated summa cum laude (Haverford)

5/13: High honors in physics (Haverford)

5/13: Louis Green Prize in Physics (Haverford)

3/13: Hertz Foundation Graduate Fellowship

1/13: Churchill Scholarship

7/12: Pennsylvania Space Grant Consortium

        undergraduate award.

3/12: Beckman Scholarship

3/12: Goldwater Scholarship

3/12: Phi Beta Kappa, election as a Junior


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