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My Research:

  • Rodriques*, Stickels* et al., Science (2019): I invented a new method for performing single-cell RNA sequencing ith spatial resolution, allowing researchers to directly read out the spatial arrangement of cell types and gene expression in their tissue samples.

  • Rodriques et al., PLoS One, (2019): I designed a new method for directly sequencing individual proteins and peptides, which could form the basis for a next generation of proteomic technologies.

  • Oran*, Rodriques* et al., Science (2018): I invented a new nanofabrication method that functions by embedding materials in a hydrogel and then shrinking the gel down to the desired size, which allows for the creation of any three-dimensional metal nanostructure desired. 

  • Rodriques*, Marblestone* et al. J. Biomed. Optics. (2016): ​I designed a new method for recording neural activity along the length of optical fibers, which could for mthe basis for a new generation of neural recording devices.

  • Rodriques et al., Phys. Rev. A (2014): I invented a new technique for determining the amount of quantum entanglement in a multipartite quantum system, with applications to quantum computation.

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