My Research:



  • "FROs":

    • Rodriques and Marblestone, Day One Project (2020): Adam Marblestone and I describe a new proposal for funding focused research organizations that are organized similarly to Series A-level startups, and that address specific scientific and technological challenges that require more scale and coordination than one can muster in academia.


  • "Timestamps"

    • Rodriques*, Chen* et al., BiorXiv (2020): I invented a new method for tracking the age of RNAs produced by a cell, allowing researchers to study not just which genes are expressed in response to a specific stimulus, but also when they are expressed, and how the timing of gene expression differs between individual cells.

  • "Slide-seq"

    • Rodriques*, Stickels* et al., Science (2019): I invented a new method for performing single-cell RNA sequencing with spatial resolution, allowing researchers to study how cell types are organized within tissue, and to understand the effect of pathologies (such as lesions or cancers) on nearby cell types.

  • Protein Sequencing:

    • Rodriques et al., PLoS One, (2019): I designed a new method for directly sequencing individual proteins and peptides, which could form the basis for a next generation of proteomic technologies.





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