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My lab will focus on translatable biotechnologies, with a particular emphasis on genetics and genomics; drug delivery; and brain mapping technologies.

The major advances our understanding of biology and medicine in the past 100 years have been driven by the invention of new tools and techniques, such as DNA sequencing, electron microscopy, viral vectors, and recombinant DNA technologies. This pipeline of innovation, discovery, investment and commercialization continues to propel medicine and scientific discovery forward.

Working at the interface of engineering, physics, and biology, our goal is to develop new tools that solve major problems in medicine and open up new fields of biology.


We focus broadly on tool development in three areas. In neuroscience, new technologies for mapping brain circuits and gene expression allow us to discover the signatures of brain disorders like Alzheimer’s and autism that will underpin the next wave of diagnostics and therapeutics. In genetics, a deeper understanding of the different kinds of cells in the human body will empower a revolution in cancer treatment. And finally, we are engineering new ways to deliver drugs to cells within the body, to create safer and more effective therapies for a wide range of diseases.

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Photo credit: Daniel Oran

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